R&B singer Macy Gray triggered the woke mob after making a declaration about transgenderism and what actually makes someone a woman.

Gray was speaking to Piers Morgan during an interview on his new TalkTV show that aired on Monday when she said that just because a person has gender reassignment surgery, it doesn’t change their biological sex.

The singer was asked about her definition of what a woman is, she said that a woman is a human being with “boobs” and “vagina.” She explained that getting surgery “doesn’t make you a woman.”

Morgan asked, “If I asked you what a woman is, what would you say?” 

This also comes in during the time when FINA banned transgender women like Lia Thomas from competing in women’s swimming events.

Gray said as she laughed, “I would say, ah, a human being with boobs, Haha, you have to start there.”

“I mean, the dictionary’s quite straightforward, it just says a human, adult female,” said Morgan.

Gray continued, “You know a lot of people — see that — now that’s a little … getting confusing, the whole he, she, they …” 

“And I’m not sure why, really,” said Morgan.

He then pointed to the recent controversy of trans-women that has impacted the sports world, saying,

“I support all trans rights to fairness and equality, but not where you have people born to obvious physical superior bodies transitioning and then thrashing the women at their sport.”

Ironically, Gray also happens to be strongly pro-LGBT and has been outspoken in her support in the past. That wasn’t enough to save her after she had this to say, though.

In today’s woke world, you must hold ever-delusional positions on the matter of biological sex lest you be destroyed, and the mob is now out to destroy Gray. Even though she bent the knee, the move to cancel her has begun.

“My bestie tweeted ‘damn we lost Macy Gray’ and I thought she had died but it’s bc she’s a TERF,” @yumcoconutmilk tweeted.

Mitchell Plitnick added, “Sad to see #BetteMidler and #macygray joining the JK Rowling #TERF brigade. The fight for rights, anyone’s rights, can’t be won if we choose to deny the rights of some to elevate or compensate for the denial of rights of others.”

Another user posted, “I believe Macy Gray deserves a congratulations for being the first non-white TERF woman. We all knew they’d find one eventually.”

This is an excellent lesson in why you don’t capitulate, specifically when you are right. Though they treat it like a religion, there is no forgiveness from the members of the LGBT mob. They don’t just want tolerance, they want to force “acceptance.”

And acceptance doesn’t just mean saying “Well, you are a transwoman.” It means having to proclaim that a man is actually a woman. In other words, even affirmation of the psychological issues at play isn’t enough. You must bend reality itself or be labeled a “bigot.”

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, DailyWire

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