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Since the Russia collusion narrative has lost it’s steam, the media needed something new… que the white supremacist/Nazi card and the backing of violent Antifa.

With all of the accusations against our president, he still stands up and tries to do right. He fired Steve Bannon to make things right with those who connected him to white supremacy. But of course, that still wasn’t enough. Now MSNBC is making these claims.

Conservative 101|

“This is still a white-supremacist house. You still have actual Nazis in the house. You have Jeff Sessions, who’s a long-time antagonist against civil rights and you have policies that back up these ideas in practice,” said Sarah Kendzior.

“And so what Bannon is probably going to do when he leaves is just support this aspect of Trump’s agenda from the outside, which could be, actually I think, more dangerous and more harmful than having him in the White House, where he was, as mentioned, somewhat contained,” she said.

MSNBC’s law enforcement expert Jim Cavanaugh commends violent Antifa:

“Look at this, 20,000 people. What a statement for America that at right now are all peaceful. Now, there could be a very few black bloc or Antifa people who want to commit violence,” said […] Jim Cavanaugh in response to the Antifa’s protest against Free Speech in Boston.

“But, you know, as far as being anti-fascist, all of America was anti-fascist in World War II. Everybody in America was anti-fascist. So that’s not a bad label to be against fascism or Nazism or neo-Nazism. But it’s how you behave out there today. And look — this is so commendable, and I think so powerful right now,” said Cavanaugh.

Watch below:


Black people who were never slaves are fighting whites who were never Nazis over a Confederate statue erected by southern Democrats because now Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore, yet somehow it’s Trumps fault?

Nazis were pro-abortion just like democrats.
Nazis shut down free speech just like democrats.
Nazis went after guns and their owners just like democrats.
Nazis were socialists just like democrats.

Nazis used violence to get what they wanted just like democrats.
Nazis controlled the media just like democrats.

Nazis destroyed statues just like democrats.
Nazis sides with muslims against Jews just like democrats.

Hmmmm…. So whose side are these Nazis really on? Pretty sure they aren’t in the White House. Democrats have their history completely skewed. The mainstream media isn’t helping either as they feed this nonsense to their people.


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