As with everything, and unfortunately with the Las Vegas shooting in October there will be odds to everything. We live in a world surrounded by odds, or percentages; whatever you might want to call them on a given day.

What are the odds of someone ending up on jury duty? Everything somehow gets boiled down to math at one time or another.

The odds of the Las Vegas shooting even happening were so low that nobody even really thought to look at a guy that was carrying all of those guns into a hotel. Now, if someone was carrying enough firepower into a hotel room to do what Stephen Paddock did, you would ask questions of the guy before he ever got through the front door.

Which has lead many people to believe that he was not the only person that was firing rounds into that crowd of people on that night in October.

There have been a great number of people that have said that they saw a second shooter, that they saw rounds being fired from another location. Immediately the mainstream media went on the defensive as far as that particular narrative went to say that thee was only one shooter.

Ever since then, it seems that people that claimed that they saw a second shooter have been suffering from the same illness that folks that cross the Clinton family seem to get struck with.

There has been such a large number in relation to witnesses of people that have turned up dead or missing in the two months and change following the shooting it isn’t even funny.

Bear in mind to multiply the rate by 12, as only a month has passed since the incident. 1 in 1,000 becomes 1 in 12,000 chances per month,

 for example.

John Bielman


1 in 6,000 in a year
Expected deaths in one month: 0.28

Chad Nishimura


Danny Contreras

Gun murder:

1 in 25,000 in a year
Expected deaths in one month: 0.07

Dennis Carver and Lorraine Carver

Car crash and fire:

1 in 3,200 in a year
Expected deaths in one month: 0.3

Chances of dying for sharing the truth opposed to the State narrative: close to 1 in 1.

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