Jason Chaffetz calls the Biden Administration on Fox News saying, “I think this administration should fire Dr. Fauci. I don’t think people have trust and belief in him. I think his time has come and gone,”

Reportedly, a republican Governor was caught off guard of the CDC’s guidance regarding mask reversal; on the other hand, Dr. Anthony Fauci defended a decision this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to lift its mask mandate for anyone that has been fully vaccinated. This is causing so much confusion about the mask mandate of CDC.

The agency updated its guidance on Thursday, saying its safe for fully vaccinated Americans to forgo social distancing and go most places – indoor or outdoor – without a mask, bringing to end more than a year of mandatory face coverings in most parts of the country. But some states, including Hawaii and Massachusetts, have insisted they will keep their mask mandates in place.

“The underlying reason for the CDC doing this was just based on the evolution of the science,” Fauci said during an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “But if in fact, this serves as an incentive for people to get vaccinated, the entire better. I hope it does, actually.”

I personally believe that Biden needs to revisit the mask mandates in all schools and with small children flying on any airlines,” said Chaffetz.

I don’t understand why there is a mask mandate in schools and kids can’t go back to class, And take the mask off three-year-olds getting on the airplane for goodness sake. There was never a good reason to do that. They keep telling us that the air in the airplane is the cleanest air on the planet and yet everyone has to wear a mask. It is ridiculous. They have lost control of this and it is time for them to just be reasonable.” Chaffetz added.

Previously, When Dr. Anthony Fauci arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for his first White House press briefing under the new Biden Administration; he could see things would be different.

It was the day after the Inauguration, and President Joe Biden was eager to get the country’s COVID-19 response back on track. Five minutes before he addressed the public, Fauci spoke with the new President. “He said, ‘I want you to just go and tell the science, explain to people that if we make mistakes, we’re going to fix the mistakes and we’re not going to dwell on the mistakes. Let science be communicated to the public.’”

Watch it here:  Jason Chaffetz calls for Dr. Fauci to be ‘fired on Fox News (Statement on 8:24 mins)

 Sources: DML, Fox News, Time.com

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