More And More People Are Fleeing A Major Liberal City After The Homeless Totally Took Over…

Portland, Oregon has been facing a severe homelessness crisis that is ravaging the city. Homeless camps have been set up throughout the city, with some even appearing in front of property owned by taxpaying homeowners. This crisis has become so bad that residents are fleeing the city in droves. With little to no action being taken by the Democrat-led city to solve this catastrophic problem, people have lost faith in Portland.

Due to the city’s inability to effectively address the homelessness crisis, Portland residents are now fleeing in droves. This exodus signals a loss of faith in the Democrat-led leadership, who have yet to implement any meaningful solutions to this devastating problem.

Bruce Philip, a 65-year-old Portland native, lamented to the Daily Mail, “I’ve been here 65 years, but I’m done. I’m done with Portland. What’s there to say? They move in, take over the neighborhood, do their drugs, play their loud music, and make a mess.” For lifelong residents like Bruce, witnessing the gradual deterioration of their beloved city at the hands of the homeless crisis has become unbearable.

Philip further expressed his frustration with the city’s futile attempts to manage the problem, saying, “The city comes in and cleans it up, and then two weeks later, they come back. It’s a vicious cycle, and I’m done.”

George Patterson, a local realtor, has encountered numerous Portland residents eager to sell their homes and abandon the city as homeless encampments encroach on their residences. He explained that his clients are forced to grapple with the consequences of homelessness “every day,” as these camps continue to proliferate throughout the city.

Patterson shared a story of how one camp, Multnomah Village, hindered the sale of a home valued at over $700,000. He disclosed, “We had an early offer on a home, but it fell through, and there was some concern there with the Multnomah Village site. I can say [homeless encampments] are definitely affecting the property values.”

Becky, Bruce Philip’s wife, echoed her husband’s sentiments about the dire state of Portland, stating, “I’m not going to hold my breath. We’re done with Portland.”

Nathan Lamb, another distressed resident, revealed the heartbreaking reality that his disabled six-year-old son is unable to safely cross the street to catch the bus due to a nearby homeless camp. Lamb described the disturbing scene, saying, “At eight in the morning, there are folks that are smoking meth. They’re shooting up. There’s domestic violence. It’s absolutely absurd.”

During my own visit to Portland in August 2022, I personally witnessed a drug addict in the heart of downtown injecting heroin on the sidewalk, a chilling testament to the city’s downward spiral.

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This ongoing crisis raises a critical question: How much longer can Portland residents tolerate the inaction of their Democratic leaders before the city reaches the point of no return? As the homelessness epidemic continues to erode the city’s foundation, the urgency for effective solutions grows stronger. It is imperative for Portland’s leadership to take decisive action, lest they watch their once-thriving metropolis succumb to this tragic crisis.

Source: AWM