Opinion| Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been at war with President Trump since he first announced his candidacy for president.  

With the help of the bought and paid for mainstream media’s propaganda machine, it remains a stealth war, but a real war nonetheless.

For McConnell everything takes a backseat to the bottomless well of money that flows to him and other influential Republicans (and Democrats) from multinational corporate interests and their financiers in the international banking community.

Since McConnell came to Washington, debt has grown 1100% with trillions of those dollars benefitting globalist entities while American jobs and industry were shipped out of the country.  All in the name of cheap labor and increased profits.

For Mitch, if it conflicts with the interests of his globalist benefactors then it must be defeated.  

President Trump, with his America First policies, is by definition in direct conflict with those interests.  Therefore, even long held and fundamental Republican beliefs are abandoned to inflict damage to the president.

Remember when the disingenuous Majority Leader guaranteed the repeal of Obamacare at the Republican National Convention:

McConnell failed to deliver and refused, with the help of former Speaker Paul Ryan, to even trim Obamacare spending, largely because large pharma directed him not to.  

McConnell has accumulated a net worth estimated to be in excess of $25 million by advancing the agenda of the multinational business cartels.

McConnell’s fealty is to big business, and is therefore supportive of the political defeat of President Trump  This duplicity has been the topic of discussion among conservative Republicans for a while.

Here’s Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) in April of 2017, almost two years ago:

“I hate to say this on television because it sounds like such a wild idea but Stuart [Varney] it’s almost as if there was some kind of force within the Republican Party that did want to see Trump succeed.”

The more political defeats President Trump suffers the better McConnell’s chances become in making him a one-term president and returning America to a moribund economy and the continued outsourcing of American jobs and exfiltration of America’s wealth.  

Something the global elites are intent on making happen.

With the last two years serving to define McConnell’s playing field consider what Decepticon Mitch pulled yesterday after his band of intrepid anti-American Republican negotiators declared victory in conjunction with Democrats in the compromise to keep the government open:

McConnell, Shelby and other decepticon Republicans proudly stood before the cameras and claimed credit for successfully negotiating an agreement that provides less funding for border security than was on the table before the first shutdown.

Let that sink in.  That was McConnell delivering a deliberate, purposeful thumb to the eye of President Trump.  

Trump will get the wall built.  

But, that’s only because President Trump was prepared for Decepticon Mitch’s political sideshow negotiations to end this way and located the necessary funding elsewhere.

All of this sets up a 2020 electoral showdown between President Trump and McConnell’s decepticon RINOs for control of the Republican Party and for control of the economic revival that Americans have benefitted from since Trump’s election.

If Americans want to keep their country on the current upward trajectory they’ll choose to give Trump the Republican team he needs.

As of today it would seem voters are aware of their choice:

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