Patriotic Protest:Students CHALLENGED School On Flag Ban, AND WON!

Banning the American flag on someone’s private property is unacceptable and the students from one Minnesota High School are standing their ground.

Minnesota High School

Liberal America is trying everything they can to remove any form of patriotism in order to avoid offending everyone else. Currently the pledge of allegiance has been removed from the daily routine of American students for its offensive nature as well as saying that children who wear the American flag on their clothing will be sent to detention. Unfortunately schools have the right to decide what happens on their property so the American flag has been diminished to a mere thought on school grounds.

One Minnesota High School decided to tell students that flying the American flag on their vehicles will not be permitted as well, but they forgot one important fact. Vehicles are private property and in no way enforceable by school officials. As a matter of fact the parking lots of High Schools are not private property but in fact public which is why students caught in the parking lot are considered to be ditching and no longer on school property.

Via IJR:

A high school in Minnesota banned all flags from flying on the back of vehicles in response to some students flying Confederate flags on their vehicles last semester. What the high school didn’t expect was for students to band together in one massive patriotic protest.

According to the Star Tribune, students were stunned returning to school to find they could no longer fly any flags.

Administrators at Rocori High School, which serves students from Rockville, Cold Spring, and Richmond, initiated the ban at the start of this school year after students last spring flew the Confederate flag on vehicles parked at the school. School officials said the flags were offensive and caused concern among other students.

In response, senior Cole Staneart organized a protest that filled the high school parking lot full of trucks flying patriotic flags and symbols. When the administrators who made the flag-banning rule arrived at the school, here is what their parking lot looked like:

Minnesota High School

Americans should have the right to represent the American flag on every inch of American soil. Don’t you agree?