Majority of Millennials Would Rather be Debt Free and Denied Voting Right

Half of American millennials would rather be debt free and lose their right to vote.


Millennials are America’s who were born in or after 1982 and when it comes to politics most seem to favor the lazy liberal lifestyle where the need to have a job is optional no matter how many children you have because the government will provide things like housing allowances, universal healthcare, welfare, financial support, food stamps, and free education for all. The economic reality of such lavish gifts from the government is financial ruin as the only available funds would come at the nigh tax percentage for those of us who do have a job and believe in working hard in order to pay for the things liberals believe should just readilly available to everyone.

A recent survey asked if participants would give up their 2020 and 2024 voting rights in order to wipe their educational debt clean and 50% had no problem with that. Rather than have a voice and work hard to become debt free, Millennials would rather have all their decisions made for them in order to receive the easy path to debt free.

Via Relevant Magazine:

Student loan debt continues soaring and for many graduates and millennials, it’s becoming unmanageable with median monthly payments of $222.

So, it’s probably not a surprise that many millennials would give up some luxuries—and some rights.

According to a study by loan company Credible, 49.8 percent of people surveyed would exchange the right to vote in the 2020 and 2024 presidential elections to have their loan debt canceled.

Only 13 percent said they would give up texting and other phone messaging for a year to get rid of their debt.

Its pretty pathetic that the youngest political generation in America is more concerned with their cellphone privileges then the constitutional right to vote and have your opinions heard.