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You know, with the way the welfare system is set up in this country I am honestly surprised that this doesn’t happen more often.

A 36-year old woman from Michigan has made a crashing entrance into the Guinness Book of World Records yesterday at the Harper University Hospital, by giving birth to her 14th child, all born from different fathers. According to the internationally recognized authority on the cataloging and verification of world records, Anita Sullivan has just become the first woman in recorded history to conceive children with more than thirteen different men.birth

“I’m extremely proud to have broken a World Record,” Ms. Sullivan told reporters.“My mother always told me that I was lazy and worthless, and that I would never accomplish anything in my life. Now, I’ve shown everyone that she was wrong, and that I can even be the best in the world when I put my mind to something. In fact, I’ve just accomplished something that no one had done before!”

Anita Sullivan says she’s been unlucky with relationships in the past, but she believes that this time she may have found the man of her life.

“I’m good at having babies, but I’m really awful when it comes to picking the fathers of my children,” says the young woman. “This time, however, I think I’ve learned from my past mistakes. Ramón isn’t like all the jerks I’ve dated before. We’ve been together for almost a year and a half, and I really believe it could work between us.”

Ms Sullivan’s thirteen other children were all present at the hospital to meet their new sibling. They were all extremely proud to hear that their mother had broken a Guinness World Record, and posed happily for the 2017 edition of the book.

13 Responses

  1. Mm

    By having an anchor baby, illegals were not returned under Obama. All they needed was one and they were given immunity. They weren’t required to support them or marry. Thanks, taxpayers

  2. Fire Hawk

    And her probable ONLY, (yet profitable), income is our tax dollars for health & welfare and child support, times fourteen… She is probably living a comfortable life, (well as comfortable as a woman with 14 kids can),.. and the total value of child support is prolly more than most families earn….. Take away the welfare…. monitor her, be sure she’s not overspending on herself or living above her needs, yet assure the children are all taken care of… if there’s an issue that the children aren’t thriving, then provide only the necessary aid guaranteeing that the aid is only used to help the kids… If not find good caring homes for them… Those children are the innocent victims of this immoral unethical, unnatural woman.. She’s a disgrace to her mother and family, being a slut, baby machine and still lazy worthless… her only value are the lives of those children

  3. Michael Powers

    This slob should be euthanized. Those poor kids had a moron for a mother.

  4. Lisa Hawks

    I wouldn’t be calling attention to the fact that you have had 14 different fathers, get your tubes tied lady…you sound like a whore

  5. Nancy

    The more kids you have, the more money you get through Social Services. This should have stopped years ago for her! She should NEVER have another child at the taxpayers expense! She is a slut, and I don’t think her parents are very proud of that. Now that she has a “record”, get out and get a job!

  6. Carol

    Very sad, I wouldn’t be proud of having 14 children by 14 different men. Where are the 14 baby daddies??? Why aren’t any of them paying child support? If she doesn’t cough up the names of the baby daddies no welfare. I get sick of people abusing the system because our State doesn’t have any rules in place to help those that are truly in need and stop this nonsense. I hope this article comes to the attention of somebody that is in charge.

  7. Deborah Lundy

    You are pitiful. Your mother was right. You are a nothing. Nothing but a whore. You’ll never be any thing more than you are right now. I pity your children.
    They are all bound for a nothing life just like you. Be good to your children and let them be adopted to someone who will teach them right from wrong. It’s all you can do for them.

  8. Sharon

    She’s about on the level with “Octo-mom”! This is not something to be proud of!

  9. Robert Cantrell

    Welcome to the internet where imbeciles fall for anything posted !

  10. Shelby

    This is what is wrong with this country. Her mother was obviously a piece of work and it resulted in her daughter flinging herself at men for attention. Then, instead of making a good life for her children, she cared more about her feelings than morality or her children. The government needs to make these women work and get fixed if they are going to get help. There should be a limit of 2 children, then adopt them out. The mothers and the fathers are obviously not putting the needs of their children first. They need to give the names of the men and the me need to be fixed, as well. If they are going to act like animals, they need to be fixed.


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