Despite the Cease and Desist order being implemented in the counties, five Michigan counties are reportedly going beyond the guidance and are about to delete all the activities saved on the voting machines in the said county.

According to federal law, all the data from the 2020 Election should be in safekeeping for twenty-two months after the election; however, these five counties now are going beyond the law and reportedly moving forward to remove the information from the voting equipment they used in the election.

This information is also protected by the ‘cease’ order that is implemented throughout the counties.

Kagbro88 posted on Twitter the five counties that confirmed that they are about to remove the data by removing the batteries from the machines that would also delete all the memory from it.

The Midland and Manistee Counties are the first two counties moving forward with the state’s request.

While the Lake County is waiting for their attorney’s go signal and the Dickson county is on the ‘maintenance’.

Iron County is planning on going ahead with the state’s request as well.

These mentioned counties above have no idea if what risk are they taking.

Removing all the batteries from the machines will eventually result to lose all the data from it permanently that the law is mandating to keep intact for twenty to months. Also, removing the battery will make the machines out of compliance and they will have to be recertified as a result.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Kagbro88

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