In these past eight years, the American people had to cling to hope that Obama would bring change. Well, folks…change is what we got, but not in a good way. Jobs are hard to find, business that once thrived are shutting down and families that once had nice homes were forced to sell them. But we held onto hope. For her to say there is no hope left shows she’s a quitter..but that doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

VIA| With fewer than 40 days remaining as first lady, Michelle Obama is continuing to reflect on the legacy she and President Obama will leave after having occupied the White House for the last eight years. In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, the first lady addressed the election outcome and suggested that the U.S. is entering a time of hopelessness.

“We are feeling what not having hope feels like,” Obama told Winfrey in response to a question about whether President Obama had achieved the “hope and change” he promised while campaigning in 2008. As she often did while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, she didn’t mention President-elect Donald Trump by name. But she alluded to the contrast many in the country are feeling since he won the election last month. “We feel the difference now,” she said, noting that her husband had succeeded in keeping his campaign promise of fostering hope.

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  1. Peter

    More worse than after 8 years Obama is hardly possible. The whole world is out of balance and there is a war or a war threat in every area where the USA is sticking his nose in. All for the best of the locals ofcourse. With a friend as America you don’t need enemy’s anymore.


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