Throughout the election period, trump continuously spoke about the disastrous NAFTA trade deal signed in 1994, and if he could make changes to it he absolutely would. Well it looks like he is not coming up empty on those promises as he announces he will be meeting with the President of Mexico and the Canadian Prime Minister to start renegotiating the disgraceful agreement. Amen to that!

VIA| Trump made his remarks on Sunday afternoon, prior to a ceremony in the White House for swearing in White House staff.

“We’re going to start some negotiations having to do with NAFTA,” he said. “Anybody ever hear of NAFTA? I ran a campaign somewhat based on NAFTA. But we’re going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration, and on security at the border.”

Trump reminded the audience that he had already met with the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, calling him “amazing” and his country “terrific.”

“I think we’re going to have a very good result for Mexico, for the United States, and for everybody involved. It’s very important. It’s a very, very important thing,” Trump said.

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