Signaling what most would call sustained strength in the economy, holiday shopping in the month of November was absolutely on fire.

There are several what some would refer to as “street level” factors in determining how strong the economy is by way of holiday shopping. These factors obviously discount the number of folks that do online shopping to shop for most of their Christmas purchases.

These folks aren’t necessarily ones that you might regard as too lazy to buy a Christmas gift. Speaking personally for a moment I know a woman that is ninety seven years old who hasn’t been able to go out of her house without the aid of a power chair for some time now.

Online shopping has been a boon to this woman because by her own admission she has been able to get gifts for pretty much everyone she needed to buy for in less than the time it took to get her in and out of her home, then into one store that she needed to buy from.

However, brick and mortal sales are always going to be, at least for a long while the standard bearer of how Christmas shopping revenue is faring.

You don’t need a long, targeted study to find this out either. Just go into any department store and see how long the lines are. If the economy is bad one year you won’t see as many people standing in line. Not talking about these ridiculous Black Friday shopping deals either although admittedly that lunacy does contribute greatly to the economy.

Retail sales rose 0.8 percent on a monthly basis in November, more than twice the 0.3 percent gain expected by economists, according to data released Thursday by the Commerce Department.

Data for October was revised sharply upward to 0.5 percent from the previously reported 0.2 percent rise.

Compared with the prior year, retail sales were up 5.8 percent. The stronger than expected retail sales number increase the odds that fourth quarter gross domestic product will come in higher than expected.

The facts are indisputable and yet something that liberals will always want to deny. They will continue to state tiume and time again that since President Trump was elected that the economy was in a downturn. Pay it no mind because if the guy at McDonald’s forgets to put sugar in their iced tea they will find a way to blame Trump for that too.

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