In a new violent viral video circulating the internet, 4 men overpower police officers after attempting to arrest them. Things go haywire..and it was all caught on video. You gotta see this!

VIA| A video has emerged that appears to show two police officers using CS gas to arrest four men who were part of a group which the force said had become ‘aggressive’.

 The officers pulled over a vehicle in Shadwell, east London, and soon the situation became heated, with the group of men shouting at the officers and a scuffle breaking out, as reported by Police Hour..

One of the Met Police officers was briefly floored during the altercation but quickly got back to his feet.

The video, shot from a nearby balcony, has been uploaded to the Police Hour YouTube account. It shows the men surrounding the officers as they were restraining two of their friends.

The officers used CS spray to keep the men back during the altercation. The situation was eventually resolved when back-up police vehicles arrived on the scene.

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