Lately, Meghan McCain has been exceptionally hard on Biden.

Meghan McCain slammed President Joe Biden for supporting abortion on Monday’s edition of ABC’s “The View,” where he is at odds with the Catholic Church over the subject. She even stated that Biden is “doing grave spiritual harm to himself” as well as the United States.

She began by stating that the Catholic Church in the United States has indicated overwhelming support for denying Biden communion due to his support for abortion rights. After the bishops voted 168 to 55 in support of producing “a formal declaration on the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the Church,” this happened.

According to McCain, adding that the church will try to impede and influence whenever possible, “When comes to the separation of church and state, the onus is on the government, not the church.”

McCain pointed out that Biden’s position on abortion rights has shifted, citing a mismatch between his personal beliefs and his leadership style.

More from WayneDupree:

“If you are a devout Catholic, as President Biden claims to be, abortion is a cardinal sin that can do deep spiritual harm to you, and President Biden had been supportive of the Hyde Amendment up until 2019 when he decided to run for president.”

 She went on to say that the amendment made it illegal for the federal government to sponsor abortion.

“Abortion is murder” McCain stated as she believed, and that she and anyone who oppose the right to choose must defend the government-funded “killing of the unborn.”

“It’s ultimately up to the church, but he’s walking a very fine line here, and ultimately, all of these issues are literally life and death for Catholics, for devout Christians,” she said. “And he’s going to have to ultimately talk to his creator when the time comes as we all do, and reconcile his politics with his — with his personal faith, and I believe he’s doing great spiritual harm to himself and harm to this country.”


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