Ned Price is the newest State Department spokesman appointed this year. He’s also known as the Department’s Ivy League pencil-neck geek.

Price is the one who’s in charge of what is happening in Afghanistan, that’s trying to get Americans back out who was left by Biden trapped.

Biden just made a statement saying that his administration is not capable to go in and rescue large numbers of people.

Are these words coming from a president? Come one!

During the State Department press conference today, Price was asked by one of the reporters how Americans were supposed to get to the airport after it was reported that it is under heavy gunfire. What Price answered was a piece of standard “talking-point” line that doesn’t make any sense at all.

This is what it sounds like when a press corps is actually doing their job.
This is a sound we haven’t heard in years…

Ned, then went on to call all the gunfire outside the airport “congestion.”
Take a look at what Ned thinks is “congestion.”

The Biden admin is acting like it’s a traffic issue over a flat tire or something.

Ned literally called the gunfire “congestion.” That’s the word this clown used.

This administration is thinking that they can just lure us into their words. They think that we were idiots to believe all their lies and nonsense statements.

No wonder why do a lot of people are still hesitant to take the vaccine. It’s only because of them!

Source: Wayne Dupree

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