I rarely fly anymore, and it is a shame because I used to love flying so much.

Now when I have to travel long distances I have a van that my wife and I own that you can convert it to a small camper in about a half-hour. It’s great because we just find campgrounds and set up our solar panel.

One of the things that I am starting to understand from people that do fly is that they are now being inundated with hateful propaganda that once they are in the air they can’t exactly get up and leave mid-flight to get away from.

Air travel giant American Airlines (AA) has altered its company policy to allow flight attendants to wear Black Lives Matter (BLM) pins and other associated “bling” on their work uniforms.

To show its support for all the rioting, looting and other violence taking place in cities all across the country, AA is lifting restrictions that previously required its employees to remain neutral about hot-button political issues like BLM while on-duty.

In a company announcement, AA suggested that we now “live in a time where it is so important to have a dialogue about this important issue of racism in our society and try to find common ground.” And the best place for that, apparently, is while masked and in-flight.

“American is truly committed to having an inclusive culture that is welcoming to all and a reflection of our country and world,” the statement goes on to explain.

“This is why American is so committed to creating a more tolerant and diverse team. Through our partnership with American’s office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we are continuing to work through an overall plan for addressing these issues in our workplace.”

Part of this plan is to also create an official AA symbol that supports BLM, Antifa, and other “woke” causes for employees to wear while they serve air travelers drinks and pretzels.

“In addition, the company is also working to design its own pin that will show its symbolic support of a diverse and inclusive work environment,” AA says.

American Airlines is so committed to fighting racism that it is hiring only black people to design uniform pin

Just in case these changes are inadequate, AA has decided to go a step further in the fight against racism by hiring only black people from its “Black Professional Network” to design the company’s new uniform pin.

No white people will be on the design team because white people are bad and black people are good. Only black people can lead the way into a new anti-racist world, in other words, where “whiteness” is fully extinguished, and true and pure equality takes its place.

“The airline said it is showing support for black colleagues who have experienced discrimination and injustice, not any particular organization,” reported NBC 5.

In the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd incident, AA publicly announced that “demonstrations,” aka rioting and looting, “highlight the urgent need for systemic change, because Black Lives Matter.”

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