Islamic Migrants Commit Vicious Crime While Streaming It ‘Live’ On Facebook

I have done some pretty bad things as a kid with my buddies, some that maybe I wish I could take back at times… who’s perfect anyway? But NEVER did we EVER rape women for fun.

Well, it’s a different world now in 2017, as group of Islamic thugs decided to gang rape a horrified young girl.

As if that isn’t SICK enough….they decided to capture the entire thing of video for 3 HOURS on Facebook Live.

VIA| Two Afghan immigrants gang raped a Swedish woman for hours while holding a gun to her head. The men took the humiliation a step further by videotaping the rape and streaming it live to Facebook. The two men, aged 18 and 20, were arrested in Uppsala, Sweden, after several people watching the live rape called the police. A third man was in the room during the assault as well, and was arrested for not reporting the crime.

Under Swedish law, the three suspects may not be identified at this time.

This is the second brutal gang-rape in Sweden by Afghan refugees in the last three months. In October, five Afghan teenagers were convicted of raping a teenage girl. None of those immigrants were deported, and only one was given any jail time.

Apparently, these Muslim immigrant’s don’t think raping a woman is a crime. Incredible. And apparently, Swedish politicians would rather be politically correct than protect their own citizens.

Sweden’s newspaper, The Local, reports that witnesses who watched the rape on Facebook said armed men pulled the woman’s clothes off and raped her for over three hours before cops finally showed up and turned off the camera as the victim lay unconscious.

Uppsala’s chief prosecutor, Magnus Berggren, told reporters that police have still images of the incident, but are seeking the video showing the rape.

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