One of the best definitions that I ever heard to describe a liberal is that a liberal will make fun of you for not knowing something that they learned yesterday. See, they are not exactly the most astute people in the world.

You can generally spot a liberal from a mile away, or you can tell easily if someone is about to be arrested in the parking lot of a grocery store.

They are the ones that make sure to remind the police that are speaking to them of their constitutional rights; namely the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Yeah, they get the 14th and 4th mixed up a lot. They are the best at trying to sound like lawyers, but the worst at knowing how to use them lawyer words.

Can liberals tell the difference between the Communist Manifesto and the Democratic Party platform?

In his latest man-on-the-street video, Ami Horowitz proved that voters have a difficult time with that very question.

Can people tell the difference between the Communist Manifesto and the Democratic platform?

Ami Horowitz investigates in this man-on-the-street interview series.

Horowitz starts his enlightening video saying, “I want to know, has the Democratic Party moved more toward the extreme left?”

And he took his cameras to New York University in New York City to ask passersby if they could tell the difference between tenets of the Communist Manifesto or if he was reading from the Democrat Party platform.

Sadly, few of those he met could tell the difference. And, that is just it. There really is no difference between anti-American communism and today’s modern Democrats.

Many of those answering Horowitz’s questions were absolutely shocked that the communist sounding ideals were actually from the Democratic Party platform.

But it shouldn’t be a surprise that many of the young people in Horowitz’s video kept thinking that everything in the Democrat Party platform had to be from the Communist Manifesto. After all, they really aren’t being served well by their professors in college.

In fact, just this week we were treated to the story of a college professor who urged his students to turn to violence and break the law in order to “destroy white democracy.”

That’s right. Professor Albert Ponce of Diablo Valley College, a Northern California community college, wants people to break laws to destroy the county.

He is calling for open revolution. And California’s tax dollars are paying this cretin’s salary.

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