The announcement was made earlier in the week that President Trump would be embarking on his very first vacation since his inauguration.

The plan was for President Trump to spend 17 days golfing at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Liberals all over the country were going crazy thinking about Trump taking any kind of break… but what Trump’s plan actually entailed was enough to send them all to the looney bin.

The truth is, President Trump is actually taking his “vacation” to follow through with a brutal surprise for former President Barack Obama. Now that the truth is out, Obama can’t hide for long.

I find it extremely hypocritical that the Left wants to bitch and moan at the very thought of President Trump taking any kind of rest or spend any time doing something of leisure, but when Barack Obama was in office none of them minded when he spent record amounts of time on vacations, playing golf, and all together ignoring his duties as POTUS. But then again, hypocrisy makes a Liberal a Liberal. It’s actually kind of ironic that President Trump used golfing as a cover-up to hide what he was really about to do since Obama loved to spend all his time on the green. There is a very good reason for what Trump is doing too. Barack Obama did something disgusting before his departure from the White House, and President Trump is simply trying to clean up the mess.

President Trump is leaving the White House while renovations begin to take place.

The Hill reported:

Trump leaves Friday for what the White House has called an extended “working vacation” at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., while his staff in Washington will clear out of the West Wing and move into the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door.

Work has already begun to replace the West Wing’s 27-year-old heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, a White House official told reporters Thursday. Because of the frequency of use, the HVAC system’s usage age is pegged at around 84 years old.

Although it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to have to replace an old HVAC system, there are actually a lot more renovations being done to the White House. The family will need to be out of the building for around two weeks. After findings of some of the disgusting mess the Obamas left, contractors realized that they had a lot more on their hands than they originally had thought.

The Left love to criticize Trump for the private comment he made when he referred to the White House as “a dump.” He wasn’t referring to the historical house itself, however. President Trump was referring to the mess the Obamas left behind. Now, former Obama staffers have come forward to share their horrible experiences of what they witnessed while at the White House.

Obama allowed cockroaches to completely take over the White House during his time in office.

He didn’t seem to even care that pests were outnumbering the people by a landslide. It just proves that Obama had zero respect for the White House. If he had, he would have done something to fix the issue.

Liberals want to complain about every single thing Trump has said, but they don’t seem to understand the reasons that he has to say the things he does. President Trump only called the White House “a dump” because Barack Obama left him a literal roach farm.

The Left will complain about whatever President Trump does, but doesn’t seem to even bat an eye at the mess Obama left in such a historic building. And while Trump is spending time at his own golf club, he won’t be enjoying time on the green like Obama would have. He will be working the entire time he is out of the White House as well. So, next time Liberals want to cherry pick what Trump said or did, maybe they should look at the whole story.


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