This is something out of the realm of “how is this happening in the United States”, but sadly it is.

A good friend of mine lives in California for work and he told me a story about how one night he had to leave his office and tripped over two people by the front door of his office passed out with needles in their arms.

Further, he told me that there is this horrible epidemic of the homeless population in the area that is quite literally pooping everywhere. Despite the fact that just about every public place of some kind has a restroom where you can go if you have to go, people are pooping out in the open.

A disgusting photo out of San Francisco, California, caught a homeless man using a grocery store aisle as a port-a-potty.

The photo, which emerged Sunday morning, was taken inside the Safeway supermarket on Marina boulevard.

A caption from a San Francisco journalist accompanying the tweet claimed the man was “on drugs taking a poo in aisle 10.”

“Why is this okay?” asked the journalist who tweeted the photo, Deborah Kan.

The photo represents a bleak glimpse at the homeless crisis facing San Francisco and, more specifically, its excrement crisis – despite spending millions of taxpayer dollars on cleaning projects and adding “pit stop” public toilets throughout the city.

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