One of the things that a lot of elected officials have gotten wrong in this country lately is the idea that they somehow can tell people at random what their rights are.

Well, the thing about that is that we have all these documents and such telling us exactly what our rights are. So, that’s taken care of right?

Well, not exactly. It seems that despite all of these concrete documents that there are liberal governors that want to try and change the game on us.

Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan doubled down on Monday, claiming the U.S. Constitution doesn’t uphold residents’ rights to publicly unmask.

“What part don’t you understand?” Hogan asked at a press conference.

“You wear the mask,” he added. “There’s no constitutional right to walk around without a mask.”

“We did it in 1918, I don’t know why we can’t do it now,” Hogan continued.

WJZ-TV reported on Hogan’s comparison between mask-wearing and drunk driving, discussed toward the end of his conference.

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