LeBron James’ luck inside the court cannot be applied on the big screen, this is after James hit a humiliating new low for winning the Razzie Award for Worst Actor on Saturday.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” movie earned James an award that he truly didn’t expect and he won’t choose to have: The 2022 Golden Raspberry Award the Razzie for worst actor in a film.

The film also earned the following awards according to the Daily Caller report:

  • Worst Prequel, Rip-off, or Sequel.
  • Worst Screen Couple
  • Nominated for Worst Picture, an honor it lost out on to Diana The Musical.

Despite earning $162.8 million at the box office, more than enough to cover its $150 million budget, a lot of critics cited how the film lacks humor, overtly heavy product placement, and promotion of Warner Bros.

Rotten Tomatoes said:

“Despite LeBron James’ best efforts to make a winning team out of the Tune Squad, Space Jam: A New Legacy trades the zany, meta-humor of its predecessor for a shameless and tired exercise in IP-driven boarding.”

The New York Post also cited:

“While LeBron recruits his scrappy team, Warner Bros. makes us watch a long HBO Max ad. Mad Max, Austin Powers, Rick and Morty, Batman, Harry Potter, Casablanca and more flash across the screen in a montage, as if to brag about the studio’s extensive catalog. It’s one of director Malcolm D. Lee’s many strategies to avoid developing characters or having funny scenes.”

And Vox also added:

“I think Space Jam: A New Legacy is best viewed as an apocalyptic movie… the concept seems to be ‘make a two-hour commercial for HBO Max,’ the streaming service that houses the many IPs owned by Warner Bros., which in turn owns HBO. This Space Jam installment is extremely bent on making sure you know how many of the properties you love belong to the WB.”

Watch it here: Warner Bros. Picture/Youtube

This is a sign for LeBron to only focus and spend more time playing inside the court and stop invading the big screen because it’s obvious that he didn’t fit in there.

Sources: Daily Caller, New York Post, Rotten Tomatoes, VOX

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