Despite the many religions and factions of those religions that are out there, the main encompassing them throughout all of them is that everyone should try to get along with everyone.

That being said, there are people within radical Islam that think that anyone that doesn’t follow exactly what they believe to the absolute letter should perish in a lake of fire or whatever punishment that they have come up with this week.

On top of it, these are people that liberals constantly tell us that we should be tolerant of…give me a break.

Linda Sarsour is the face of the new far left leaning Democrat Party. She combines the communist and Muslim beliefs into one. Pushing anti-semitism is all part of the new Islamist left…

Frontpage reported: A few more deep anti-Semitic thoughts from the new Islamist face of the left.

On December 9th, taking to her Facebook account, Linda Sarsour justified Palestinian terrorism:

In context of what’s happening in Palestine in response to the announcement about Jerusalem and in general living under the longest and most brutal military occupation – we have to get a few things straight.

Nobody gets to tell an occupied people how to respond to their own oppression and the continued stripping of their humanity, agency and land whether they are Palestinians or not. Nobody. Oppressed people determine how, when and where to resist. They set the parameters. You don’t have to agree. Unless you have lived in their condition under the boot of a racist, supremacist, violent regime that sees them as less than human – you have no say in this conversation…

Good to know that the laws of warfare don’t apply to oppressed peoples under the boot of a racist, supremacist, violent regime.

Considering that the indigenous Jewish population of Israel freed itself from the rule of the Islamic colonial racist and supremacist regime, no one has the right to tell the IDF how to defend against the “Palestinian” settlers who are the proxy armies of the Islamic Supremacist occupation.

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