If We Are Taking Down Statues, There Are Three Lenin Statues in America

Liberals are well known for having selective outrage and the removal of offensive statues is no different considering Lenin statues are still standing.

Charlottesville, Virginia experienced unlawful protesting over the removal of historical Confederate flags because Democrats have determined them to be racist and therefore offensive. While attempting to have a scheduled protest in favor of keeping the historical images anti-Confederate protesters decided to approach the situation illegally and with extreme contempt which ultimately lead to an unnecessary fatality.

Mean while American soil is home to three Vladimir Lenin statues and liberals aren’t making a peep about those. Selective opinion is the problem with liberals, if you’re going to stand for something you can’t pick and choose the offenses.

Now some people may not know who Vladimir Lenin is which would explain why liberals haven’t demanded there removal. Basically, Lenin’s on par with the likes of Stalin and Hitler only Russian and for some reason has multiple places of honor here in America. Why is this not on the liberal agenda for mock outrage?

Via IJR:

If we as a society are going to begin the process of tearing down statues of terrible people, there should be absolutely no argument against tearing down a number of Vladimir Lenin statues which proudly stand in America today.

1. New York City:

Lenin Lenin

According to the website BoweryBoggie:

This 18-foot Lenin statue carries quite the history. It was originally commissioned by the USSR, but the implosion of that country in 1989 – the year Red Square was built at 250 East Houston – prevented its display. The developers of the property, Michael Shaoul and Michael Rosen, reportedly found it trashed in a backyard just outside Moscow and installed it five years later.

2. Seattle, Washington:


According to the Seattletimes.com:

The path to Seattle from Poprad, Slovakia, for this 8-ton bronze of the Communist revolutionary occurred because Lewis Carpenter of Issaquah saw it, bought it and brought it back after the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

He died in 1994, but the family still owns it, and Jon Hegeman, with the Fremont Arts Council, says it’s still for sale for $250,000 or best offer.

3. Los Angeles:


According to laist.com:

At some point in the last six years, you may have driven down La Brea Avenue and spotted a large metallic bust of Vladimir Lenin with a smaller version of “Miss Mao” on top of his head with a balancing pole. You have probably wondered what it is, why it’s there, and to whom it belongs. The first two questions are better left for another time, but the statue, named “Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head”, was created by the Gao Brothers, and has been on display with the Ace Gallery since 2011.

Liberals have been and always will be hypocritical on every stance they pretend to endorse and these Lenin statues are a blatant example.

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