Leftist Protester to Black Boston Cop: ‘Stupid-A*s Black B***h, You’re Supposed to Be on Our Side’

Leftist Protester to Black Boston Cop: ‘Stupid-A*s Black B***h, You’re Supposed to Be on Our Side’

A free speech rally in Boston turned violent Saturday because of leftist protesters who obviously don’t believe in free speech.

Antifa showed up to the free speech rally accusing the attendees of being Nazi’s and white supremecists. While the group was being protected by law enforcement the leftist protesters decided to physically attack them instead. One leftist protester even called one officer a “stupid-a** black b***h.” leftist protester

IJR| Rocks and bottles full of urine were thrown at police as they attempted to subdue the violent mob of progressive groups.

One particularly harrowing video captured by reporter Philip Crowther shows leftist protesters hitting and punching police and getting arrested while bottles are flung through the air.

Masked Antifa protesters flipped off the police to their faces and danced in front of them. In one exchange, a young protester looked directly at a black Boston police officer and threatened to spit on him before saying:

leftist protester“You stupid-a*s b***h. I’ll fucking spit on you, b***h. You stupid-a*s black b***h. You’re supposed to be on our side!”

And Caucasians are the racist ones… **Sarcasm** Mainstream media has done nothing but push this leftist agenda to the max. These people are a shame to society. I think some hard work and a dose of reality would do them very good.

No, he’s not “supposed to be on your side.” As an officer of the law, the only side he’s supposed to be on is that of law and order…and there was nothing lawful, let alone orderly, about what you were doing. Thank you Boston police for your service amongst all of this hate!