[Via CSC Media] Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy faced an evil enclave of Democrat devils in his town hall meeting, as they descended upon the venue to destroy his mission of good will towards his constituents.

American Liberty Pac says this is why Hillary lost.

Liberal protesters were literally hell-bent on shutting down a congressman’s town hall meeting — by shrieking like demons throughout the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

The Devil Wears Democrat

The organized mob, there to prevent Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy from speaking to constituents, exploded into a psychotic rage when told the meeting would open with a prayer.

Dozens of liberals began shrieking, screaming, cursing and shouting as the prayer started. They continued booing, heckling and hurling epithets at the clergyman.

 One liberal began shouting for a prayer to “Lucifer.”

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  1. Brien

    Quite the imagination that y’all got here – bit of an exaggeration in your title; but then you probably believe in a god too….Hahaha


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