Border patrol agents reached their breaking point by sharing the chaos at the border facilities.

The video that emerged shows the condition at the facilities where people resemble sardines.

COVID preventions? You wish – there aren’t any protocols at all.

And now you can read what the border agent stated on these catastrophic facilities.

According to Townhall’s reports:

“They are way past capacity – so aliens sit outside because where do you take them? Logistically it’s a nightmare – people want to go to the bathroom, need to eat, women need to breastfeed, and the list goes on…This has surpassed the point of sustainability – this is lunacy,” the source said.

Former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan told Townhall the Biden administration has been lying to the American public since the start of the border crisis.

“Early on when they were saying, ‘Hey, nothing to see here, everything is under control,’ they were talking about unaccompanied minors. They left out what was happening with single adults and families, conveniently, and I believe, again, they were doing that intentionally to misdirect and lie to the American people,” Morgan said, adding the moving of unaccompanied minors to the Department of Health and Human Services shelters was a “shell game” because some of those sites have also experienced poor conditions due to the rapid set up after the crisis kicked off in February.

Clearly, Biden has bitten off way more than he could chew with his brilliant plan to grant amnesty to thousands of undocumented migrants.

He didn’t just open the floodgates, he straight up kicked them open and now our border is an absolute joke.

Sources: Waynedupree, Townhall, Croatia.bpositivenow

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