During the encounter in July 2021, the WWE superstar – who currently holds the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with his twin Jey – was irritated at a comment made by a Pensacola Police Department officer.

Jimmy, real name Jonathan Fatu, was pulled over last summer for allegedly speeding and running a red light, and TMZ obtained new police footage of the incident.

Police allege the 36-year-old star ran a red light and was driving 50mph in a 35mph zone. Subsequent breathalyzer tests came back at .202 and .205 with the legal limit being 0.08.

In the video, the officer asked him to get out of his car after claiming to smell booze, and he seemed to sincerely wish him luck before his field sobriety tests.

He said: I’m hoping you beat it this time, too.’

However, Uso – who doesn’t appear aggressive at any point during the exchange – replied: ‘Are you serious?! Are you serious?! Why would you say that? I just – it’s all good.’

I don’t want you to be DUI, that’s the last thing I want,” the officer responded.

“You’re an a***hole,” Uso said later to the officer. “You’re the one that’s worse. You had a remark — you made a remark you shouldn’t have did.”

“I think you misunderstood. So, I’m sorry. I was actually being nice. But, I’m sorry,” the officer responded.

Uso responded: ‘The nice thing?! Bro, you don’t need to say the s*** you’re saying. I get it. I’ve been here. Let’s do it.’

The officer then attempted to conduct the field sobriety test as he put a pen in front of the wrestler’s eyes, although he again brought up the original comment.

Officers claimed he failed field sobriety tests, and he was arrested for DUI, while court documents show he agreed to plead no contest.

As part of that agreement, he was required to complete some courses related to the incident, and a source told TMZ he recently did so.

The arrest wasn’t Jimmy Uso’s first. In July 2019, TMZ reports Uso had been arrested for the second time in five months for an incident allegedly involving alcohol. Wrestling Inc also reports Uso was arrested for DUI in 2011 and 2013.

For the latter, he paid a fine after pleading no contest to interfering with a government employee.

Later in 2019, he was arrested for DUI again, but he was found not guilty.

Watch it here: Youtube/TMZSports

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