We have seen a lot of Biden’s failure ever since he set in the office. Not to mention the Afghanistan debacle, the border crisis, and the ongoing crisis of America, these are just a few of his contributions to making America the worst in generations.

The ongoing invasion in Ukraine and how he handles it puts all Americans in great shame. He is weak to be the president of this great nation.

And now, an old video of candidate Joe Biden said back in 2019 is going rounds in social media. Biden said in the now-viral video clip that if we Re-elect President Donald Trump, just “imagine what can happen in Ukraine.”

Right now, there’s no need to imagine anything, Biden’s achieve his evil plan and cheated his way up. But he’s not safe from the horror of the past, which is currently hunting him down.

Kyiv is now facing Russian attacks described by Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba as “horrific.” They’re the worst, Kuleba said, since the 1941 attacks by Nazi Germany.

Horrific Russian rocket strikes on Kyiv. The last time our capital experienced anything like this was in 1941 when it was attacked by Nazi Germany. Ukraine defeated that evil and will defeat this one. Stop Putin. Isolate Russia. Severe all ties. Kick Russia out of everywhere.

But back to Biden. “Imagine what can happen,” he said three years ago if Trump were to get a second term.

Biden said of Trump at the 2019 Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum Conference, according to Fox News:

“It’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to make up for all of the damage he’s done internationally and nationally. His network of thugs and co-conspirators are going to continue to try to undermine our democracy in the meantime.

“Imagine what he can do in another year,” Biden continued. “Imagine what can happen in Ukraine.”

Again, no need to imagine — on Biden’s watch, Ukrainian air raid sirens are wailing, bombs are falling in Kyiv and elsewhere and Russian troops are gathering at the border.

Watch it here: FoxNews/Youtube

President told Fox News that if he was still in office, the current crisis in Ukraine never would have happened. 

“It’s shocking because this should have never happened. It would not have happened,” Trump said. “How we got here is when they watched Afghanistan and they watched the most incompetent withdrawal in the history of probably any army, let alone just us.”

“[Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin] watched that and they said, ‘What’s going on? They don’t know what they’re doing.’

“All of a sudden I think they got a lot more ambitious,” Trump said

Watch it here: FoxNews/Youtube

The Western Journal noted:

Trump said he knew Putin very well. Yet Trump said he sanctioned Russia more than anyone.

“I stopped his pipeline. I sanctioned them more than anybody ever sanctioned them. Nobody was ever tougher on Russia, but I got along with Putin very well. We respected each other. I think you have a whole different ballgame right now,” Trump said.

A frequent criticism of Trump over the years has been his use of intemperate language. Some voted for Biden for exactly that reason.

But they apparently failed to note then-candidate Biden’s use of words like “thugs and co-conspirators” to describe Trump’s associates. Not much of an improvement over Trump’s words.

In his jab at Trump, Biden also used the phrase “undermine our democracy” — code to describe dissent from what leftists want.

Sources: TheWesternJournal, Fox News

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