LEAKED Video Caught Police Purposely Injuring Jan 6 Protesters!

Thanks to Stephen Horn, an independent journalist has happened a video clip from January 6th that he shared on his Twitter page.

This is something we didn’t even bother knowing about, I mean the mainstream media has never reported this. The possibility that there was another serious injury that day.

An unidentified man was hauled off on a “makeshift” stretcher after he appears to have been shoved off the very top of the Capitol staircase by a police officer.

And here’s what Stephen said in the Twitter post:

“A yet unidentified man was carried off on a stretcher at the Capitol riot after a fall of 3x-4x his height off a staircase. I slowed down four different angles of video, and it appears that he was pushed by a US Capitol police officer in a motorcycle helmet.”

And he said this, as well…

“I do not believe this has been reported on in the mainstream media. If you have any information, please get in touch.”

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“There were reports that the Capitol Police started being violent first by violently pushing protesters, throwing flash bangs, pepper spraying protesters to get the crowd going. Patriots at the front of the crowd didn’t bite though and just moved away….”

“They could have grabbed him over the railing and put him under arrest. But that would have been the rational thing to do”

“it’s okay, no whips or horses.” 

“Maybe they are not reporting because the man was undercover FBI agent?”

Hmm, that last one is an interesting theory, and would actually make sense as to why we haven’t heard a single peep about this person’s identity or his injury.

Was he taken to jail, if not why?

Was he an undercover officer or not?

Also, this could be a clip that came from the newly-released batch of footage that a judge forced the feds to make public.

The journalist will keep trying to find out who this man is, and if he does, I will update this piece.

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