Oh no! Biden’s gatekeeper Jen Psaki just made a big error during her latest press briefing.

She revealed an important piece that should be kept silenced and should not be mentioned.

She just announced that Biden’s administration is doing their effort to coordinate with big Big Tech companies to omit vaccine posts that are problematic to them.

This is very ironic and hilarious, after what is Cuba’s citizens asking for “freedom” and trying to end their tyrannical political control, while our government is also trying to implement tyrannical censorship on the American people.

They’re just a bunch of Real hypocrites.

This comment from Biden’s press secretary herself made the whole country into a big shock.

It even made worst as how the communist Dems defended their gatekeeper, they were saying that this was following Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit.

Jen flubbed up by letting the commie cat out of the bag…and it’s not that the left is mad that this level of censorship is happening – it’s that now WE know about it.

That’s what’s causing all the angst…and according to OANN reporter Jack Posobiec, his White House source is telling him that one person who’s rather upset about all of this is none other than “Doctor” Jill Biden…Joe’s #1 “Handler.”

Here’s what Jack Posobiec said: 

WH official says even Jill is upset with the way Psaki is handling the Facebook controversy ‘That’s how you know she’s on the way out”


Jill is not happy with what Psaki just revealed, but we all know that Psaki is about to end her contract as a gatekeeper with the Dems, this might be something of a welcomed thing that they’re letting on.

This only confirms that Psaki is not into her current job, imagine she’s only been doing this for six months now and now it looks like she’s been through the wringer one thousand times over.

Maybe she’s into sabotaging Biden while she’s on her way out or she just doesn’t know what she’s saying? Or maybe bowaynedupree.com/2021/07/jill-biden-jen-psaki-oann/th? Let’s just find out soon.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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