When the truth gets you, it really hurts… Just like what Rep.Lauren Boebert said in this “Tylenol tweet.”

On Monday, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) just really hit a nerve and made fun by tweeting about Tylenol comparing the coronavirus to a headache.

She wrote, “I woke up with a headache this morning. I took some Tylenol. Now if everyone else could take some Tylenol too so mine would start working, that would be great.” Her posting included a clip of the 1999 film “Office Space,” where a character in a managerial position gives his subordinates instructions in a similar tone.

By this logic, she’s essentially saying that the highly contagious and deadly COVID-19 virus is akin to a headache and it appears that Boebert suggests that people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 shouldn’t worry about others who opt against receiving inoculations, according to Daily News.

And her tweet had just succeeded in “triggering liberals.”

They wasted no time pointing out the fallacy of her argument.

The comment section swiftly became a pile-on. “Tylenol” trended Tuesday morning.

Here are some of the comments online:

“Headaches aren’t contagious. How did you get the Tylenol bottle open?”

“Maybe your headache was from trying to understand a basic concept.”

“imagine being this proud of being this stupid”

“You just can’t even parody this kind of stupid. It’s how you know that on some level evolution has failed us”

“You are such an idiot you should be embarrassed”

“Oh honey, do you think headaches are contagious? Analogies are supposed to compare like things not draw false equivalencies. Try harder, Boebert.”

And on and on and on these mouth-frothing comments went.

Of course, liberals don’t understand the sarcasm, and of course, they also can’t explain the “science” behind this nonsense, because there is none.

These are the people that don’t seem to mind that some demented old guy convinced them to get a vaccine because it was supposedly “immunity” and then turned out it wasn’t.

And they’re still defending him. Amazing.

Sources: Waynedupree, Dailydot, Nydailynews

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