A lot of reports, videos, and photos can prove someone is controlling Biden. Whoever pulled those strings is something bigger than we thought.

We all can see him when he speaks, I mean something is not right… Biden’s behavior especially while answering questions to the press always made many eyebrows raised.

Biden kept on saying these words like “I’m not allowed to take questions,” or “They told me I have to call on NBC,” or “I’m gonna get in trouble if I do this…” etc.

Well, it’s not new for a president to have advisors, perhaps this is normal. But these advisors should only give a piece of advice and should not mandate what “you should do.”

And what is happening with Biden now is such a disturbing thing to imagine. He should be the most powerful man in the world; he shouldn’t let anyone dictate him every time.

And now, after everything that’s happened in Afghanistan, and all the other debacles and the disasters, and Joe Biden’s obvious mental illness, many people are growing tired of this and they’re fed up.

People now want to know who’s telling this guy what to do. Whos’ running the show?

Well, Laura Ingraham just threw out two names that’ll definitely get you thinking.

Here’s what Laura said, “Who’s running the White House and making the big decisions? Is it Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff? Is it the First Lady? America deserves to know.”

Here are some of the comments coming from the people online:

“Every time I see him on the podium and he’s about to take questions and he says “well now they’ve given me a list of names on who to call on; so let’s see…”I wonder who the “THEY” is.”

“I think Mrs. is more involved with his well-being than we know. She knows his weaknesses and I’m sure she keeps tabs on everything to help protect him. Why she let him go for the Presidency, is beyond me.”

“I’ll raise my hand and answer. China is in control. It’s my gut feeling.”

“They” are. They told me to call on this reporter. They told me not to take questions. They told me to walk away from the press conference. They told me to go to Dover. They tell me what to say, they tell me what to do. It is THEY!”

“It’s not Sleepy…he would screw up a lemonade stand”

People should know the current state of this administration.

At this point, it’s clear that Biden can barely pick out his own clothes, let alone lead a country.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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