Woman Dead After Late-Term Abortion In New Mexico

A 23-year-old woman died following a late-term abortion at the nation’s largest abortion facility that markets abortions through all nine months of pregnancy…

Albuquerque, New Mexico is the abortion capital of the nation… A sad title to hold. People travel from other states just to get the late term abortions that the state offers. It is not illegal to abort your baby up until the day before he/she is born. This is disgusting; this is murder.

The flip side to this horrible practice is that it is not good for the woman either! This sad news is one of the many stories of the tragic side affects of abortion. This woman lost her life after her late term abortion. She was about six months pregnant.


According to pro-life organization Operation Rescue, Atkins was at least six months pregnant and checked into SWWO on January 31 for a four-day late-term abortion procedure to be performed by abortionist Curtis Boyd, 80.

Pro-life organization Live Action provides a medical animation video narrated by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino about how late-term abortions are performed:

An autopsy report from the UNM Health Sciences Center just obtained by Operation Rescue and Abortion Free New Mexico shows the pathologists citing the cause of Atkins’s death as “pulmonary thromboembolism due to pregnancy,” or blood clot in the lungs. However, the summary of their findings goes into more detail about the abortion procedure:

Ms. Atkins was at a clinic preparing for the final portion of a termination of pregnancy. She presented to the clinic with complaints of cramping pain as expected and was resting preparing for labor. While at the clinic, she noted that she was feeling short of breath, and her oxygen saturation dropped below her baseline … Due to the concerning symptoms, she transferred to University o f New Mexico Hospitals, where she continued to have cramping abdominal pain, elevated heart rate and difficulty maintaining normal blood oxygen levels despite supplemental oxygen therapy.

Due to rapid decompensation in her clinical status … and the concern for a clinical infection, she was taken emergently to the operating room to complete the abortion procedure. During the operation, she sustained a cardiac arrest. Extensive resuscitation efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

This is just sad… Libs like to say this kind of thing never happens…that no woman decides to abort her own baby that late in a pregnancy unless there’s a major health concern. This is a LIE. It happens more often than most would like to admit.

Thank you Dr. Levatino for your honesty and for your video for all to see just how traumatizing and dangerous this procedure is for baby and mother! Abortion is wrong no matter what stage of pregnancy, but late term is just plain disgusting!