An Elderly and heroic grandpa in La Puente California was caught on video by his grandson assisting the police in capturing a home intruder.La Puente California

La Puente California police department had been attempting to apprehend an intruder jumping from rooftop to rooftop for upwards of five hours after failed negotiation attempts. This meant that residents of the neighborhood were expected to stay in doors until the police made the proper arrests but five hours and no progress was unacceptable. Therefore, an elderly grandpa decided that this nonsense had gone on long enough so when the intruder ended up on his rooftop things found a quick resolution. The 83-year-old man joined the intruder on his rooftop before physically pushing him off and into the hands of the officers waiting below.

Via SF Gate:

LA PUENTE, California  — An 83-year-old man ended a police standoff that lasted for hours when he pushed a suspected burglar off his roof in La Puente.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials say the male suspect was jumping from rooftop to rooftop on Tuesday, prompting crisis negotiators to respond. The suspect refused to come down after negotiators and deputies issued commands.

Sgt. Joseph Morales tells the Los Angeles Times that the elderly resident became tired of the situation that lasted about five hours. The man climbed onto the roof and pushed the suspect off.

Authorities tell KABC-TV that the suspect was taken into custody and was admitted to a hospital for a mental evaluation. It’s unclear if the suspect was injured.

Watch Here:

With all the liberal whining occurring in America anytime the police are trying to make an arrest that is deemed ‘unnecessary,’ officers are now more focused on being politically correct rather than making the arrest. Well interestingly this elderly black man proved that political correctness isn’t on everyone’s agenda.

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