The New York Times used to be known a long, long time ago as a publication that you could trust. Most print publications used to be known that way.

Now, in the more recent years it seems that they are just known for sniping at people they don’t like as opposed to telling people that is going on in the world.

Take for example the paper’s stance during the 2016 election. They did everything short of resorting to schoolyard insults against Donald Trump and may have even done that on occasion.

Mainstream media outlet, The New York Times, hid knowledge of Clinton corruption for a full year.

Reporters at the New York Times let slip that they knew Trumps Russian Dossier was fake and simply did nothing to inform the American people claiming that they were shot down from reporting by Clinton’s campaign manager.

That’s funny, nothing seems to dissuade from bashing Trump FALSELY, yet a little legal threat when attempting to tell the truth about Hillary’s corrupt behavior has reporters running for the hills?

To further insult the American public’s intelligence, these same reporters are now pretending that they knew and tried reporting. What a bunch of BS!

Via The Viral Patriot: New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel tweeted:

New York Times The same could be said of the New York Times White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman who also admitted she knew on the same day, October 24, 2017, that the Washington Post actually ran a confession article:

New York Times

 Paul Sperry is an investigative report who operates with integrity and this is what he has to say about the New York Times reporting agenda.

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