Despite having him on as a guest during the last election cycle Jimmy Kimmel has made it a point to jab at Donald Trump every chance he can.

Whenever Preisdent Trump makes an announcement that the majority of the country is celebrating, you can set your watch to Kimmel complaining about how horrible he thinks it is.

That being said, to prove to the odd liberal that conservative journalists are not these incompassionate people I will make the following statement.

When Jimmy Kimmel’s second son was born with a rare heart defect, I felt a pain in my own for him as a human being. Nobody should have to go through the sense of dread and sadness that Jimmy and his wife must have gone through that first week or two his son was born.

Even though I didn’t agree with what he was saying about the President at the time, and still don’t I prayed for him.

I prayed for him to find strength, and I prayed that his baby was alright. I did that and hopefully others did as well because that’s what human beings do. At the end of the day we should all hope for the best for each other no matter what party you belong to and we can always talk about our political beliefs once we’re both well.

When he initially brought his son out on television, you could almost see it as a way of Jimmy saying thank you to all the people that send in well wishes for his son and his family.

However, for him to turn the whole situation as a way to continue his pissing match with the President of the United States is absolutely vile and vulgar.

We see too many people use their children as pawns in every day life. If you’ve known more than three divorced couples that had at least one child together you can be guaranteed you have seen that.

Anyway, Jimmy went on television and flat out said that the President and Congressional Republicans don’t care about sick children. It’s disgusting to say that.

Furthermore, it’s sickening for a multi-millionaire to liken himself to anyone that has to worry like anyone that works a 9 to 5 job about getting their kid even looked at becuase they’re not famous.

Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t had to worry about “real people” stuff in a good long time and he should stop acting like it.

The implication that Pres. Trump and Republicans don’t care about sick kids is OFFENSIVE and he should be ashamed. He is literally calling into question the morality of tens of millions of Trump voters because they may or may not agree on healthcare policy.

Here was Ben Shapiro’s brilliant response to Kimmel’s use of his son to make political points:

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