This is just disturbing to watch. Where are these kids parents? Why are they even out this late at night? This is what Obama has turned America into. Little punks thinking they can just run around and do whatever they please. What these kids need is a good ass whooping. This is exactly what no discipline does to a society.

VIA| Police say these four kids were 2 boys between the ages of 12 and 14, one girl who also between the same ages, and then a boy who appears to be 8 or 9-years old.

They approached the man and immediately demanded his phone then took no time in taking a swing at him and continued to punch him then threw him to the ground before they took off with the man’s laptop, headphones, and a library book.

“My son can’t be in the street at 12 o’clock and be in the house, and he’s 14.” Gabriel Alfredo said, “Maybe their parents don’t care about the kids.”

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