The legendary rock star has had enough of the liberal wussies crying about who the ‘won the election’ and college students screaming ‘safe zones’ to get away from reality. Kid Rock just developed his own clothing line that RIPS INTO LIBERAL CRYBABIES…and now AMERICA is talking! YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

VIA| Available for purchase at Kid Rock’s Warner Brothers Records web store, the shirts and hats for sale included lovely “microaggressive” sayings such as “God Guns & Trump” printed in red, white and blue. (WARNING: Kid Rock being Kid Rock, some of the shirts on display at that website contain graphic language, so shop at your own discretion.)

But the piece of merchandise that drew the most attention was a T-shirt depicting the 2016 electoral map. Instead of labeling the red and blue sections with “Trump” and “Clinton,” however, Rock labeled them with “United States of America” and “Dumbf***istan,” respectively.

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I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas this year!

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