Conway being the first woman to ever run a successful campaign and win should make any woman shout with joy. She is living proof that women can do anything a man can do, and in some cases argumentatively an even better job. So why are they shaming her? As a woman with children she wants to be there for, she should be applauded. There is just no pleasing these people.

VIA| However, because of her politics groups of angry feminists are attacking her. Kellyanne Conway has had to deal with a lot, from accusations of racism to death threats but she’s risen above it all.

Recently feminists have been judging her because she was considering not taking a job in Trump’s cabinet because she has four children that she wants to spend more time with. Kellyanne had quite the response to this on Fox New’s with Stuart Varney.

“I thought that women were a product of their choices and that’s what I’m trying to do here privately and
quietly find the best balance for my family,” said Conway.

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