This Photo of ‘Real Heroes’ of Hurricane Harvey Is Going Viral

Katy High School attempted to provide a positive response to the devastating effects of hurricane Harvey only to be shot down the hypocrisy of liberal America.

In order to help support the National Guard soldiers who have been assigned to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts one Texas High School offered up their school for the housing of the soldiers. To promote awareness the Katy High School football team posted a positive picture of the soldiers sleeping on the floors of the high school halls.

Katy High School

Naturally liberals decided to crush the efforts of High School students in a pathetic display of anti-American behavior.

Via IJR:

A photo taken inside a high school in Katy, Texas, shows the true sacrifice of the heroes who have been saving lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The Katy High School football team posted the photo of more than a dozen soldiers sleeping in the hallways of the school, which opened its doors to troops who are helping in rescue efforts in Texas. It’s easy to see why the photo went viral.

While many considered the photo to be a tribute to the grit and sacrifice of America’s soldiers, some attacked the high school for allowing them to sleep on the floor in the hallway.

The photo was ultimately deleted.

Honestly, what is wrong with the left leaning members of this country? What would poses anyone to disregard the heroic efforts of high schoolers? Democrats should be thoroughly ashamed of the behavior they are currently displaying. The word toddler comes to mind.