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Well, this is pretty awkward…

Now, Kamala has completely washed her hands of the dire political situation, like the southern border of the US.

I mean, you can definitely see that Kamala Harris has been completely removed from the Afghanistan debacle

She even believes that there will be some type of  “pardon” that will grant her for all of this but sadly, it doesn’t.

When she formulated his final Afghanistan plan she claimed to be the ‘last person in the room with Biden and said she’d be so proud of him, well if that’s the case then it looks like she also owns this mess too, however, it tells everyone that she’s not at all interested in anything “Afghanistan-related,” her body language speaks it all, including all the praises of the bumbling Joe on the job that he’s done, it’s clearly obvious that during her remarks overseas in Singapore, you can see just how uncomfortable she is.

Kamala, looking visibly uncomfortable, delivered bizarre robotic remarks about Joe’s great handling of this nightmare – and at one point, she even had to look down at her n9tes to remember what to say about him.


Even Benny Johnson seemed to find it as a devastating embarrassment.

Watch as Kamala scrambles on camera and appears to check her notes to remind herself that Biden has “expressed sadness” at the horrific scenes in Afghanistan.

This Administration is such a devastating embarrassment.

Her heart is not in this job – she’s not qualified to do it, and she sure as hell isn’t ready to be anyone’s fake “president. “

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