Late Monday night Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI postpones his appearance before the House Intelligence Committee that was scheduled for Tuesday.

The sudden cancellation happened following a report by Fox News that definitely raised a lot of questions concerning the relationship between the DOJ and Fusion GPS, the research firm that authored the horrifically false Trump Dossier.

Fox News had also reported that McCabe’s interview is supposed to be rescheduled for sometime next week and that the Justice Department said that the cancellation was due to a simple scheduling error.

Don’t exactly buy that one for a dollar folks. Your cable man doesn’t show up for a scheduling error. Your doctor gives you the wrong appointment over a scheduling error, not something as big a deal as this.

A source speaking on the condition of anonymity said that they believe that the interview was postponed because “McCabe has an Ohr problem.”

That’s a direct reference to Nellie and Bruce Ohr, the couple that were recently revealed to have connections with Fusion GPS.

Fox also stated on Monday that Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS last year around the time the dossier was commissioned. The company investigated President Trump on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Bruce Ohr, a high ranking Democratic official also had connections to Christoper Steele the British spy who was hired to do the investigation on Trump.

According to the report, Ohr met with Steele prior to the election but it is still unclear what exactly was said during those meetings.

McCabe was very likely to be questioned heavily about the Ohrs during what was to be his scheduled appearance on Tuesday.

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