ELDER PATRIOT – Nothing about the Obama administration comes as a surprise any longer so let’s get right to it.

After former F.B.I. Director James Comey’s revelation about Loretta Lynch’s directions to him to downplay the Clinton investigation, emails that Lynch sent and received allegedly surfaced that had communicated her commitment to protecting Hillary Clinton from being indicted.

If all of this proves true, Lynch could be found guilty of obstruction of justice and/or misconduct in office.

Here, Judge Andrew Napolitano lays it out during an appearance on Fox Business Channel:

The Senate Judiciary Committee sent this question to Loretta Lynch signaling that things are getting serious:

During your time in the Justice Department, did you ever have communications with [former DNC chairwoman] Rep. [Debbie] Wasserman Schultz, her staff, her associates, or any other current or former DNC officials about the Clinton email investigation?”

When asked whether the Senate Judiciary Committee can force Loretta Lynch to testify he answered emphatically that they could.

Napolitano:  “There is enough evidence here just on the basis of the little snippets given to the Senate Intelligence Committee by former F.B.I. director Jim Comey that Mrs. Lynch was either conflicted or working at odds with the Justice Department and in behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the DNC when she told him [Comey] to use different terminology for the investigation…The terminology may be indicative of a mindset on the part of Attorney General Lynch that she was going to do whatever she could to prevent Mrs. Clinton from getting indicted.

Napolitano then said that both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Department of Justice have the authority to investigate this.  This means that Jeff Sessions can assemble a team of investigators if the Senate committee backs away because of political considerations.

The penalty for this is commensurate with other criminal violations of federal law:

Napolitano: “It’s a felony.  Depending upon exactly what they charge her with it could be 5-10 years.”

Faced with that kind of penalty at her age, Lynch may find the incentive to flip on other members of the Obama administration in exchange for a walk.

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