Fox News published an opinion piece this week that was penned by the network’s own Judge Jeanine Pirro.

In the piece, Pirro starts off stating, “Politicians are elected to represent us. They are here to protect our interests over their political interests. Refusal to try to work toward compromise is putting politics over people.”

Pirro explained that President Donald Trump has remained in Washington, D.C., working during the entirety of the government shutdown. He has been bending over backwards to make a deal with the Democrats, but they have continually disrespected him, oftentimes not even showing up.

Pirro explains, “They’ve refused his every overture, put a stake in the ground, proving that politics are more important than putting people back to work. And as 800,000 federal employees face the loss of a second paycheck this Tuesday, the Democrats disregard their distress by not negotiating to end the partial government shutdown. And that, my friends, is a problem. It’s even bigger than that.  They refuse to negotiate for people who live paycheck-to-paycheck. They don’t consider Americans whose lives, safety, economy, and social service agencies are drained by these uninvited illegal immigrants.”

The Fox host explains that on Saturday, Trump made another offer to compromise in order to end the shutdown, saying “There will be no concrete wall, only steel slat barriers; $5.7 billion for it; $805 million for drug detection technology; $800 million for humanitarian assistance; almost 3,000 additional border patrol agents; 75 new immigration judges; and a three-year extension for TPS and DACA.”

Pirro writes, “The president described in clear and direct language the human crises ranging from 300 of our children dying every week from heroin, 90 percent of which comes through those porous Mexican borders.”

She explains, “Young people now can seek asylum in their country without traveling with dangerous human traffickers and coyotes. He talked about what many of us in law enforcement already knew: That parents give their daughters birth control pills knowing many will be raped along this dangerous journey.”

Nancy Pelosi said that Trump’s proposals were unacceptable. She said, “What is original in the president’s proposal is not good. What is good in his proposal is not original.”

Chuck Schumer said it was one-sided and ineffective.

Judge Pirro writes, “Democrats – demon rats – are dug in to the theater of lies and hate, casting Donald Trump as evil while casting themselves as angels, supported by a mainstream media intent on publishing any anti-Trump story, however baseless or absurd. Journalistic standards be damned.” She continues, “The theater was actually brought to the absurd when Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to the president saying it was too dangerous for him to give the State of the Union speech. Saying she didn’t want him telling his lies and distortions in the House. A typical example by the way of what the left is doing in general – shut down the voice of the president. Shut down law and order. Shut down security at our border.”
Pirro then explains that Pelosi never even talked to security. She says that no one has been shut down for fear of lack of security.

The opinion piece then reads:

Never in the history of this great nation has a Speaker refused the president the opportunity to give a State of the Union address.

And of course, not one to be cowed, the president pulls you off a government bus 30 minutes before your trip to Europe. Nancy, what the hell were you doing boarding a bus with your Democrat cronies on the way to Brussels to meet with NATO leaders? There’s a partial government shutdown. We don’t need you in Brussels.

How do you negotiate your way out of a stalemate while you’re on a seven-day European excursion that we, the taxpayers pay for? You’ve got some chutzpah, lady! And what were you going to do? Have a few parties on our dime and badmouth the president to those who prefer we foot their NATO bill too?

And then you and your band of friendlies go to Afghanistan to find out what’s going on from the troops on the ground?

Really? You think some soldier is gonna to saunter up and whisper in your ear and give you the real scoop when his bosses at the Pentagon would be happy to do so in Washington? Or is it that you think the troops are dying to see you? Send them a video, Nancy, and thank them. And, by the way, is this how you reinforce your power base? By approving trips? Are you the premier congressional junket organizer?

But then again, you’ve never been one to sacrifice have you? How about instead of the trips you escrow that money for federal employees.

What’s that? You’d rather not. Because polling blames Trump for the shutdown and you’re good with that!  And, by the way Nancy, so is he. He’s wearing his big boy pants and he offered to take the burden just to get it done.

How about since you’re in charge of all spending bills, Nancy, you forego your check until this is over? Man up like the federal employees going through the shutdown. Donate congressional salaries to those who won’t get one?  After all, reports are, that you and your husband are worth over a hundred million dollars. How’d you make that? How long have you been in Congress?

Pirro then explains that the President is not accepting a check. He’s been donating his salary from the very start.

Then, she addresses Pelosi specifically saying, “Nancy, this is just the two of us here talking. Admit it. Your big donors in California they want illegal immigrants to pick grapes. Even Cesar Chavez — you’re old enough to remember him -– fought tooth-and-nail to stop illegal immigrants to protect legal immigrants and the farm workers.”

She states, “It’s all theater, folks.”

Pirro explains that they call Trump a “fear-mongerer” and that the whole thing is a “manufactured crisis.”

Pirro then states, “Say that to the face of an angel mom whose child was murdered or massacred by illegal immigrants. You have kids, Nancy, you do, don’t you? And why did you approve of securing the border in 2006 and 2013 through the Secure Fence Act and not this? The obvious answer: because Donald Trump wants it.”

She then accuses Pelosi of disrespecting Americans. She claims, “And instead to respect those who violate our laws while you and your ilk raise pictures of furloughed federal employees when you won’t meet with the angel moms who come to your office with pictures of American children killed by illegal immigrants.”

Pirro continues, “So let me see if I understand this — an American mother shows a picture of a child murdered by an illegal immigrant and Chuck Schumer and his gang they come out and show pictures of federal employees – is there a moral equivalency there? Are you kidding? Are you working for Americans here or illegal immigrants?”

She then bluntly questions, “Or is it that you just don’t give a damn?!”

She explains that Pelosi has been vacationing in Hawaii while her friends spend the government shutdown in Puerto Rico alongside lobbyists.

She finishes off, “Nancy, you’re a hypocrite, a political operative. Your mantra: Destroy the president of the United States. To hell with the tax-paying, hard-working Americans. Let them eat cake. I’ve got a junket to go on, an ego to assuage, and an electorate to ignore. And Nancy, if you’re too afraid to take a commercial flight, there are alternate ways to fly. Check this one out — it’s a broomstick and it’s tailor-made for you.”

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