Johnny Depp apologized for saying that he wanted to assassinate President Trump. Now, leaders in the MAGA movement are calling for the washed up actor to be fired for his Harry Potter movie that he’s starring in soon.

The #FireDepp hashtag on Twitter has gone viral thanks to President Trump’s son. Watch Donald Trump Jr. get Johnny Depp below.

Heck yes. Why does Hollywood support this guy? You want to know what Johnny Depp is really like? Take a look below.

Then the maga army chimed in.

Let’s keep this boycott going. Get this guy off the Harry Potter movie and into some rehab or something right?

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Johnny Depp is not going to do well with all of Trump nation against him. What a loser.

9 Responses

  1. Duffy Dukette

    An apology is not an eraser. It is an admission of opening one’s mouth before engaging one’s brain. And, at times, not engaging the brain at all. It does not mitigate the damage.

  2. Sharon Aguiar

    Depp has to go! Someone threating to kill our President is no role model for children

  3. Arthea Reno

    GOOD BYE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!! You used to be good… now just another loser and I will be devistated if he is allowed to be any the upcoming HP movie. I know
    JK is not a trump fan, but I think even she can see that putting him in her movie is going to really hurt her fanbase and she will lose some respect and her movie wont be as big a hit as it could be…


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