Joe Manchin Criticizes Pelosi: ‘Wrong’ to Disinvite Trump from State of the Union.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday for her decision to disinvite President Donald Trump from delivering his State of the Union Address.

Pelosi wrote President Trump on Wednesday to rescind her invitation for him to address Congress on January 29th.

Pelosi asked President Trump to either push the date forward or provide the Union address in written form.

Pelosi claimed that her reasons for wanting to push the Union Address forward was because of the government shutdown and “security concerns.” Several liberal media outlets threw cold water on those claims.

While on MSNBC, Manchin told Hallie Jackson that Pelosi took the “wrong approach” in handling the government shutdown and security for the State of the Union.

Manchin was very respectful in his remarks about Pelosi and admitted that he did not know what her intentions were in cancelling the State of the Union address with the President.

Watch below:

HALLIE JACKSON: Let me start with Nancy Pelosi saying security concerns is the reason why she’s essentially uninviting the president. Do you think that’s why? Or is this a political power play?

SEN. JOE MANCHIN: I’m not sure what her intentions are. I have much respect for Speaker Pelosi, but I think this is a wrong approach to be taking right now.

JACKSON: Her approach?

MANCHIN: The approach by saying we’re going to shut this down and not have because of security. I think our staff, and I spoke to Capitol police, I think they’re still in place and they’re still getting paid.

Manchin ended the interview saying that he has never, in his lifetime of service, seen so many people held “hostage” and this amount of “harm” caused to come up with a decision on border security.




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