Joe Biden going off the rails is one of those continuous things that just keeps happening as the weeks go by.

I am sure at the start of all of this he seemed like the obvious nomination for the Democrats but at the end of the day the guy is just nuttier than a fruit cake factory.

I mean, I have seen people go back and forth with potential voters but I have never actually seen them physically confront people the way Joe Biden has. It’s kind of scary.

Joe Biden this week in Iowa lectured a black voter who dared to ask him questions about his plans to phase out US fossil fuels.

Biden poked the black voter’s chest several times as he lectured him about his record.

“Go back to 1986. I’m the first one ever to, first one ever to put forward a climate change bill and Politifact said it was a game changer,” Biden said poking the man’s chest.

“I’ve been working my whole life,” he added as he abruptly walked away.

Biden has a problem touching people and getting in their personal space.

Last week Biden grabbed the jacket of a former longtime Democrat state rep. in Iowa and told him to “go vote for someone else.”


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