There is a difference to when nobody shows up for something on account of weather and when nobody shows up because they don’t care.

A few years ago, my wife and I invited people over for a 4th of July cookout. We had about twelve people all show up in total. Now, if we didn’t have anyone show up for some reason, it would be pretty hard for us to say that it was because they forgot it was the 4th of July or that they got the date wrong.

Joe Biden is trying to do everything right. He’s not screwing things up on purpose. Yet, despite all of that he is flatlining.

With the presidential election just weeks away, a strong voter turnout could likely be the deciding factor between President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden.

With that in mind, a television news reporter covering an Arizona rally on Thursday for Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris seemed mystified by the absence of any Biden supporters outside the Heard Museum in Phoenix where the former Vice President was appearing in person.

Video of the puzzled reporter has been posted on Twitter bye the likes of actor James Woods and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Cruz posted an image of four eyeballs, then quipping: “more eyeballs than showed up at Biden campaign event.”

The reporter for KSAZ-TV said in her live broadcast: “There’s really not much to see. I’ll step out of the way but it’s kinda boring out here. So it’s not your typical presidential campaign event. We don’t see people rallying outside, we don’t see signs or much of what’s going on. …

“You would have expected to see … This is a pretty big event for the two of them to be campaigning together for the first time since the Democratic National Convention here in Arizona. …

“Our state has established itself as a battleground state and so this is technically a big event, but not a lot of fanfare”

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